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What is Cortexi?
Cortexi is a nutritional supplement that claims to improve brain function, reverses hearing loss, and support overall health. Cortexi supplement contains eight powerful ingredients that target the brain and hearing abilities.

The botanical substances found in the Cortexi blend are backed by scientific studies and are involved in cleaning the inner ear, fighting vertigo, and preventing hearing loss. Cortexi is made using all-natural ingredients from the purest sources, which have the highest quality.

Cortexi ingredients are free from antibiotics, gluten, and GMOs and are manufactured in an FDA-approved facility. The manufacturing process keenly follows the safety guidelines in How does Cortexi Work?

According to the manufacturer, Cortexi is meant to supercharge the entire body besides improving brain health. Cortexi targets the root cause of tinnitus and hearing loss.

Tinnitus is mainly caused by inflammation and synaptic nerve cell disturbance. The supplement aims at rebuilding brain interconnection and lowering inflammation in the auditory and central nervous systems.


Cortexi supplement replenishes the circulatory system, which is the main passage for nutrients such as vitamins and minerals. The essential nutrients can easily make their way to the organs that support brain and hearing health. The blood carries nutrients through the circulatory system. Vitamins and minerals are responsible for the maintenance of organs and tissues.

The ingredients in Cortexi
Cortexi contains eight natural ingredients that impact the auditory and nervous systems . The ingredients include plants, minerals, and combinations of specific vitamins. The following are the ingredients in Cortexi:

Riboflavin or Vitamin B2

Riboflavin plays a role in balancing metabolism. The ingredient also sustains the red blood cells in normal conditions. The nutrients supply adequate blood to tissues and organs in the body.

Vitamin B2 supports skin and vision, controls iron metabolism, lowers fatigue, and prevents oxidative stress in the cells. All the functions of Vitamin B2 are necessary for optimal nerve communication.


Pyridoxine, or Vitamin B6, is essential in glycogen metabolism and supports normal metabolism. It helps produce serotonin, dopamine, GABA, and norepinephrine. The ingredient is necessary for neurotransmission and supporting the nervous system.


Folate or Vitamin B is responsible for the formation of DNA in the cells. Other functions of folate are; the metabolism of amino acids, protein synthesis, turning carbohydrates into energy, and purines and pyrimidines.


Magnesium plays a role in the production of coenzymes, DNA, and RNA stabilization. The right amount of magnesium in the body helps stabilize the neurological system. Studies have revealed that magnesium deficiency can lead to dopamine and serotonin imbalances.


The cells in the nervous system are responsible for receiving and transmitting signals. Potassium acts as an electric charge that changes the axons’ voltage and current, which perform essential functions in the nervous system.

The inner ear fluid triggers the hair cells to send impulses to the brain about what you hear. Potassium controls the amount of fluid in the body tissue and blood. A supplement rich in potassium is vital, especially for older people.

Hibiscus Flower

The hibiscus flower of Jamaica flower is native to Africa and America. After harvesting and drying the plant, it can be used as a medicinal extract. Hibiscus flower contains two powerful antioxidants, namely citric acid and ascorbic acid. The antioxidants help prevent free radicals from attacking the cells.

Garlic Bulb Extract

Garlic bulb extract contains antioxidants that prevent several neurological disorders. The ingredient has cholesterol and blood pressure effects, which prevent brain and neurodegenerative diseases. Garlic bulb increases human antioxidant enzymes, which reduces oxidative stress.

Hawthorn Berry

Hawthorn berries are rich in Omega-3, Omega-6, Omega-7, and Omega-9. Omega 7 is an excellent source of vitamins A, C, E, and K. Studies have proven that hawthorn berries are rich in antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, antistress and antimicrobial effects.


Rosemary has eucalyptol components that promote human memory function by 15%. The ingredient contains antioxidants that reduce inflammation caused by aging in the neurological system.

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Benefits of Using Cortexi
Here are the benefits of Cortexi according to the manufacturer:
Supports hearing

The primary function of Cortexi is to support healthy hearing. Hearing is affected as people age, but Cortexi slows down the aging of the tissues and maintains optimal hearing even as years go by

Supporting Brain Health

Cortexi improves cell communication which means the brain will be sharp to send and receive signals. It eliminates brain fatigue and keeps the brain active.

Increases Energy

The unique formula in Cortexi increases energy levels. The rise in energy level is due to increased brain function and hearing enhancement.

Prevents Inflammation

Some ingredients in Cortexi are rich in anti-inflammatory properties, which prevent irritation and inflammation in the inner ear.

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How to Use Cortexi
The recommended Cortexi dosage is two capsules—one capsule in the morning and another at night with a glass of water.

Pregnant, lactating mothers and those with existing conditions should avoid using Cortexi supplements. You should only take the recommended Cortexi dosage. Overdosing can cause harmful effects. For best results, take Cortexi capsules for three months or more.