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Drain Stik Reviews: What is Price for Sale & Where to Buy?

Keeping homes clean and hygienic is very important these days. People tend to keep their houses completely sanitized and since everyone wants a beautiful home, people must try to maintain a proper hygienic environment at home. One of the most important things for keeping homes managed and hygienic is that the bathroom and kitchen drain must not smell or have any kind of inlet for insects. But one of the hardest tasks to manage a house is to keep the drains clean and prevent any kind of clogging in them. Since the drains are covered with a net or some kind of protection so that insects do not enter the house from them, it is hard for people to clean such drains and after a while, these drains start to smell because of various bacteria and the waste getting decomposed in it.


Sometimes the drains get clogged because of some hair and all and this makes the outlet of water to be blocked. This also needs to be addressed by people and one must try to find some kind of product that can help to clean the drains and manage them.

Drain Stik is here to help people clean the drains and maintain proper hygiene in them. These are 6 inches long and 2.5 cm in radius drain sticks that can be put inside the drains and they automatically clean the drains. These sticks have been made of special material that degrades itself in water and spreads out enzymes that act upon bacteria and other pathogens. These enzymes also feed upon organic waste like hair, vegetable peels, and all. The sticks have a pleasant odor that helps to prevent the drains from smelling bad. Drain Stik is therefore the perfect product for keeping the drains hygienic and prevents water clogging.

What is the use of Drain Stik?

Drain Stik is a product that is made after a lot of research upon the materials to be used in it. The product is kind of a large candle with a pleasant smell. This is a stick made out of material that decomposes on its own and cleans the drains in this process. The process of cleaning drains is very simple and it is completely revolutionary too. These are the sticks that provide proper hygiene for the drains and prevent water clogging.

The functioning of these sticks is very simple and they are made of a material which when put in water starts to get degraded. So when these sticks are put inside the drains, they start to degrade and then the material starts to clean the drain. The material used in it acts as a disinfectant that kills most of the unwanted bacteria that can cause a bad smell. Then there also are enzymes that come out with the degradation of the stick. These enzymes feed upon organic waste like hair and all and thus clear the drain and prevent any kind of water clogging. These sticks take less than 4 hours to completely clean the drains and provide a good odor to it. Drain Stik hence is the perfect gadget for cleaning drains.

How is Drain Stik made?

Drain Stik is made after a lot of research over the kind of material that can decompose on itself when water is poured on it. The main material used for giving a base to this product is a hydrophilic mixture that forms a compound with the water molecules and starts to mix with the drain water. Then the mixture also has some enzymes that feed on unwanted bacteria and organic waste to clear the drain. The odor is provided by adding synthetics to the stick so that when it degrades, it provides odor to the drain. Drain Stik is therefore made of perfectly useful materials.

What are the benefits of using Drain Stik?

Drain Stik has become one of the bestselling kitchen and bathroom supply products. It has been in demand since its launch and people are pretty satisfied to use it. The benefits which people get with its usage are:

  1. Cleans off drains and removes any clogging.
  2. Provides odor to the drain.
  3. Kills off unwanted bacteria.
  4. Easy to use.
  5. Degrades on itself inside the drain.

FAQs about Drain Stik

  1. How to purchase Drain Stik?

Drain Stik can be purchased via the official website of the product which is One can go to this site and order the sticks easily using different payment options.

  1. How to use Drain Stik?

One has to just peel off the packet of one stick and then put it inside the drain and flush water into it. The stick starts to degrade on itself and cleans the drain in just 3 to 4 hours.

  1. How many sticks come in one packet?

Drain Stik comes in a packet of 4 and one can order in bulk for getting more discounts.

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