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LegacyArmour Protection for Families Reviews: Get 7-Days Free Trial Here

We all invest in fixed deposits, insurance plans, various kinds of policies, payouts etc. It is recommended to create joint accounts for all the investments so that in case of any accident, the other person can claim the benefits of the investments. However, sadly, there are innumerable single account investments and billions of dollars go unclaimed as proper documents are not found. It has been seen that in many cases the families don’t get a single dime as they don’t even know what information is available regarding the investments.

But, it is also a fact that critical documents including investment documents, wills etc. are there somewhere. Due to poor planning, the documents are not found and thus family members don’t receive a single penny in spite of being legally eligible for it. This is a common problem and Legacy Armour has brought an excellent solution for this problem. In this article, we will discuss in detail about Legacy Armour and about its functions and features.

Get 7-Days Free Trial of Legacy Armour Vault

What is Legacy Armour?

LegacyArmour is a vault where you can store all your important and confidential documents including agreements, wills, policy papers, bank account details, sensitive passwords and even precious photographs and videos. For protecting your digital legacy, Legacy Armour is the most secured and easiest vault available. The best thing is that for accessing this vault, you will need to spend just 10 minutes from your busy schedule and offer protection for a lifetime for your family. In times of crisis, your family will know where they will find the important documents and policies so that no money is lost due to lack of proper documents.

Important features of Legacy Armour Protection

Now that you have an idea about Legacy Armour, let us discuss the prominent features that are there in the software. They are as follows:

  • Linking of bank accounts – With the help of Legacy Armour, you can connect all the financial accounts. Not only this, you can designate auto-delivery of various bank names, balances and account numbers too few selected family members. In case of any accident or mishap, your family members will know about your financial accounts, your bank details and balances. They can claim the amounts from the investments without any additional hassle.
  • Multiple vaults – With Legacy Armour, you will be assigned multiple encrypted vaults. You can assign different recipients for the vaults or keep the same recipient for all vaults as per your liking and preference. When you assign different recipients it means that you don’t want all information to go to a single place. You have the liberty of choosing as which information gets delivered to whom automatically. In fact, there are different delivery options available as well like on death, date wise or even in case of incapacitation. This clearly means that you have full and complete control over your choices.

You will be assigned 4 vaults and the allocation of the vaults will depend upon you. For instance, you can segregate your vaults – one for family, one for an insurance advisor, one for office and colleagues and the last one for your medical information. This segregation will help in keeping your documents organized and well-planned. In case of any emergency, the designated or assigned person can check the vault he/she is allotted and take necessary action. Family members can be assigned all the vaults as they have the right to all the information.

  • Templates for estate planning – One of the most prominent features of Legacy Armour is that it contains estate planning templates. These estate planning templates are for UK, USA and Canada. These templates come with step-by-step guides so that you can use them easily and conveniently. These are legal documents which are absolutely up to date. You can fill up these documents, notarize them and then store the digital copy safely in any of the vaults that you have. Obtain the copies from the vault whenever you need them.

Cost of Legacy Armour

It is well understood that Legacy Armour provides the ultimate peace of mind when it comes to the protection and preservation of important documents. And for that, you just have to pay $150 per year, which means that it is just $12.5 per month. It is needless to say that the costing is extremely reasonable taking into consideration the facilities and features provided by Legacy Armour.

The product comes with a 7-days free trial offer. Also, there is a backup guarantee. It comes with a 30-days money-back guarantee.

Buying Legacy Armour

Innumerable notable and major insurers, as well as common people, have trusted and used Legacy Armour all across America. If you want to join the list, visit the official website of Legacy Armour. You can start your 7-day free trial and then if you are satisfied you can purchase the product.

Protect your documents and your family with Legacy Armour!

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