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LiveGuard Pro Bulb Camera

Safety and security are the two biggest concerns of a person today. Many threats have risen these days because of the number of crimes that are performed every day. The biggest crimes are reported in places where there are no such security staff and also the surveillance is done by the obvious CCTV cameras. These cameras can be broken very easily or can be disconnected from the use of jammers and hack. This means it is really hard to make sure that a home or office is safe just with the installation of such cameras.

LiveGuard Pro

The biggest crimes like robbery and heists are done with proper planning and the cameras of such sort do not work because of the excess usage of software in them and that can be hacked. There is a need for some other viable option that can ensure safety and security in the best manner that is possible. Today the need for getting the surveillance and security to be upgraded has grown and that is why people have been asking for such choices that can help them make their homes and offices safer and also out of being noticed by a person.

Liveguard Pro becomes the best option for a person as far as security is concerned. This is a device that looks like a regular LED bulb of some sort and throws out the light. The bulb has extreme brightness like a normal bulb and can be used to light up a room or the office. At the end of the bulb, there is a hidden camera in it that can be used to record videos and do surveillance of the room that it is installed in. It has many other options too and can be connected to a mobile phone. It gets connected with the smartphone using the dedicated application that it had. The device is extremely helpful in many works and hence can be bought for usage. Liveguard Pro is also budget-friendly and costs not that much.

How does Liveguard Pro work to give the best results?

Liveguard Pro is the product that happens to be one of the best devices that one has ever witnessed. The shape of this bulb has been made in the form of a fisheye which makes it capture videos in perfect angle and also get a 360 degree shot from the top. This is advised that the bulb be placed in such a holder that has ceiling based fitting which helps to get a complete shot of the surroundings. Also, this device happens to be of great help for a person who cannot stay at home for a long time or wants to work from somewhere else and has to keep an eye on their office. This device throws out light like regular work and at the bottom tip it has a camera that is hidden inside and the white cover of the bulb doesn’t affect the quality of the video. The light that the bulb gives out serves in getting better shots too and even when the bulb is off, the recording is continued in it. Liveguard Pro hence is the best surveillance product available in the market.

What all works can be done with the use of Liveguard Pro?

Liveguard Pro is the device that has a simple work of recording and performing surveillance of a place. It can be installed in whichever place that one wants it to be and can use it for many purposes. The usage of this device is very easy too and it can be used by people to make sure that the place is being watched over properly. Its usage can be controlled via the mobile phone easily and it records video in HD quality with expandable storage. It can also send out live video on the connected device through its Wifi and Bluetooth based connection which makes it even easier for doing the surveillance.

This device can be used to watch over infants from the kitchen or some other place. It can be installed in the office for getting proper records of the access taken into the office. Then it can be installed in houses for getting surveillance done properly. This device can be used in many places according to the brain and requirements of the buyer. Liveguard Pro hence is the perfect product for a person who wants to make sure that their safety is never being compromised.

Design and build of Liveguard Pro

Liveguard Pro is made with the help of a lot of new notions and it has the perfect action of surveillance. Its manufacture is done using extremely small parts too and hence precision is made sure in every single piece that is ever made. The device happens to be of great help for every one of the user and it is because of the shape and built that it has. It has a built just like a regular 12 watt LED bulb which can be installed in a normal bulb socket. It never runs out of power as it takes it directly from the bulb socket even if it is off.

The surveillance is done by a fisheye camera of HD quality which gets a 360 degree shot of the room. This camera has a very high recording quality but has no microphone. This gadget can be controlled via the dedicated app that it has and can be used to get the live video of the recorded video too.  The device can be used in different places and also has a warranty for 1 year on its usage. Liveguard Pro thus proves to be the best option so far in surveillance.

What is the way to purchase it?

Liveguard Pro can be purchased from any of the e-commerce sites and also through the official site. It can be ordered through the online method. The order can be completed using the different payment options given to the user. It is delivered in the next week after the purchase is made.

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