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Qgrips [Review 2020] – Features, Benefits & Price

Q Grips is an advanced and rotating ear cleaner. Easily clean your ears with this device and without hurting them. High-quality plastic is used in making them. The material used is completely toxic and it will not cause any irritation. This device is highly stable and it is environment friendly as well. The best advantage of cleaning your ears with this machine is that the earwax will not be pushed deeper into the ear canal. It happens mostly with the classic cotton swabs and can lead to ear pain or inflammation. They can increase the issues rather than cleaning your ears. This device is made after long research and is capable of cleaning ears easily within no time.


It is developed in such a way that the whole family can use this product without any issue. It comes with a lightweight design. It is also giving you an extra advantage as you will not be hurting your arms or ears at the time of cleaning. Another advantage that you get with this item is that you can do this task within seconds. It is not compulsory to use this product every day. You just have to use it when you feel that there is too much wax in your ears or if your ears need an extra massage.

Technical Specifications of Qgrips

Here are the technical features of this device:

  • You get 16 spare spiral heads.
  • Made with environment-friendly plastic and silicon.
  • It is very lightweight and portable. Weighs only 28 gm.
  • It does not require any battery for the operation.
  • The handle is coated with rubber and shaped ergonomically for a firm grip.

How Qgrips works?

Qgrips has a pivoting cleaner and all its attachments are designed ergonomically so you can comfortably remove your ear wax. It can protect you from other painful products that can harm your eardrums. The human ear canal and eardrums are very delicate and they should not be cleaned with any hard material. If you do not want to permanently damage your ear you should use this device because it will take out all the excess wax that is present on the opening of your ear canal.

Qgrips are made after great research and doctors took special care of your safety and comfort. It has amazing advantages which are not available with any other product in the market today. This ear cleaning device can remove your ear wax in a better way than other delicate cotton buds or tips available in the market. It is designed in the way that it can fit the human ear and it can clean them without damaging anything.

What are the benefits of using Qgrips?

This device is considered as the best spiral stick which can remove ear wax completely and it will also reduce ear buzzing, earache, itching problem. Health experts are recommending this product because it is comfortable for all the age groups and it can help and draining fluid from the ear and it will also reduce impaired hearing.

No irritation in your ears

This ear cleaning device can efficiently remove all the real issues with the help of a spiral tip. It works safely to remove all the ear wax which is present in the head in areas of your years and it will also remove all the causes of itching and dryness.

No hearing loss

This device is capable of protecting you from hearing loss which is caused by all the accumulated dust and water in your ears. But this year Lena is going to smoothly clean the years of your family and it will protect you from hearing loss.

No virus and bacteria

This device is also protecting your ears from viruses and bacteria because they are also present in your ear wax.

Less nail infection

This device can also reduce the problem of nail infection which is very common because women use their nails to scratch the ears at the time of itching. Now, this tool will help you to reduce the nail infection.

Pros of Qgrips

  • It has amazing benefits and here we have listed some of them:
  • It is manufactured by a trusted brand and the price is also affordable.
  • The plastic body is anti-slip and it comes with a soft silicone tip.
  • Pulls out the earwax without hurting the ears.
  • It has an ergonomic design and very easy to use as well.
  • It is recommended by experts across the globe and they are also using it.
  • The spiral shape in this device can reach your ears easily and it will do the best job within seconds.

How to use Qgrips?

Using Qgrips is an easy thing because of its ergonomic design. A simple user manual is also given with this product and it has all the instructions about the usage of this item. You can read it before using it and then you will have complete details about it. Do not give this product to small children. You can also clean all the attachments with disinfectant so that ears do not get any virus or bacteria inside them.

What are the side effects of Qgrips?

It is ergonomically cleaning your ears. It is made with a safe-grade plastic so that it does not irritate your ears. It is not having any side effects and is very affordable. We have checked multiple reviews and testimonials. Almost all of them were happy with this device. Even doctors use this device for cleaning their ears. Visit the official website and book yours now.

How to purchase?

This product can only be ordered from the official website of the manufacturers. You can easily fill the form with the correct details on the website. This product will be shipped at your doorstep within 7 to 9 business days. Select the preferred mode of payment while filling the form. Get amazing discounts for a limited time. If you are facing any problem, then directly contact the customer care team. They are ready to help you 24*7.

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