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Y-Bra Reviews [Latest 2020]: Rabbit Ear Self Adhesive Push Up Bras

Females love to flaunt their style at work, party and anywhere else they go. It is not just the bra that defines the style of the woman but the bra also has a vital role in defining the style. Traditional bras with straps and hooks do not give any benefit. They are also tough to manage for the full day.

Now, the females can throw away their ordinary bras and choose Rabbit Ear Y-Bra. It is the new type of bra developed for every chest shape and size. This bra is better than cotton bras in every manner.

How is this bra designed?

Many ladies get skin problems by wearing cotton bras with straps. They also feel uncomfortable at home, work, or anywhere by wearing ordinary bras. To give extra comfort and relaxation, the best designers introduce Y-Bra. It is one of the most comfortable bras for any kind of skin.

Y-Bra Self Adhesive Push Up Bra is made from pure quality silicone. The materials of this product are first checked in the labs and then used in the manufacturing process. Y-Bra Push Up Bras may not cause skin itchiness, irritation, burning sensation, and rashes. It is also safe for long time use.

Problems with the cotton and other bras

Bras come in a variety of materials such as silk, cotton, and so on. These bras are available in all sizes and shapes and designs. They may look attractive but has many disadvantages such as:

  • Ordinary bras have low-quality hooks and straps.
  • They may cause skin itchiness, sweating, irritation, and burning sensation.
  • Cotton bras lose their shine after one or two washes.
  • The shape of the chest does not look attractive by wearing ordinary bras.
  • They do not have an ergonomic shape and make the figure look bad.

Advantages of wearing Y-Bra

Rabbit Ear Y-Bra Self Adhesive Push Up Bra is better than cotton bras in many ways. It is very beneficial to choose Y-Bra because of the following benefits:

  • Skin-friendly material

Cotton and skin might hurt the skin and cause allergies, redness, and rashes. Wearing cotton bras for a long can make the skin red. Y-Bra has high-quality silicone that may not harm any kind of skin. It is a skin-friendly and breathable material that gives coolness in the body. Apart from that, this silicone bra may not cause skin rashes, itchiness, and irritation even after a long time.

  • The ergonomic shape of the bra

Traditional or normal bras available in the market do have a perfect shape. They do not enhance the shape of the chest and give an uncomfortable feeling. On the other hand, Y-Bra has an ergonomic shape and gives an exact fitting. It also enhances the look of the figure especially the chest area with its push-up effect. Moreover, this bra can suit every chest size.

  • Easy to wear

Wearing a cotton bra with straps takes a lot of time in the morning while going for work. Y-Bra comes in a cup shape and one can wear it easily without hooks or buckles. Besides, it sticks easily on the skin without causing itchiness or allergies. One does not have to manage the tangling of the straps by choosing Y-Bra. Furthermore, it keeps the chest structure in perfect shape for many years.

  • Good color

Most of the cotton bras come in bright colors like red, blue, and green. These colors do not suit with light-colored outfits and give a clumsy look. Y-Bra has a skin color that suits any type of skin. It can suit any costume or dress. One can wear it under a party dress, t-shirt, crop top, and other shirts.

  • Easy to store

Y-Bra can be stored easily anywhere. One can place it in the box or pouch. It does not lose its shape or color even after many days. This bra is also easy to carry in sling bags, picnic bags, backpacks, and handbags. It is one of the best bras for outdoor trips, adventure tours, and picnics.

  • Washable

Traditional bras lose colors, shine, and design in one or a few washes. But Y-Bra remains fresh for a long time. It does not lose its shine or color even after washing with the cold or hot water. One can also wash this silicone bra in the washing machine.

Where to get this product from?

The official website is the only source from where one can buy Y-Bra. This product is not sold by any dealer in the local shop or store. It is very simple to order this product from the official website. The steps to order this product are:

  • Firstly, go to the official site and choose the number of products as per the needs.
  • Then one has to fill an online form by writing name, address, and other details.
  • The third step is to choose the mode of payment and pay for the product.
  • Finally, the product will arrive within a few days after making a payment.

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